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Microcement and resin system for the creation of seamless horizontal and vertical surfaces.

CREATIVO® MICROCEMENT is a new way of leaving and reinventing your home. An eco-friendly system, available in a limitless range of colours, for long-lasting floors with a contermporary design.

CREATIVO® can be applied directly on ceramic tiles and has a maximum thickness of 2-3 mm. It is therefore the ideal system in renovation. Thanks to it, it is possible to avoid dismantling and disposal of the old substrate and it does not require any structural change.



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A unique system:

  • Perfect adhesion to the substrate, flexural strenght,  resistance to compression, abrasion, scratches.
  • HACCP-certified for hospitals and food environments.
  • No dismantling and disposal of previous floors. It can be applied directly on ceramic tiles and glass.
  • Resistant to water and UV-rays. Ideal to renovate bathrooms, showers, furniture and in outdoor.
  • Limitless range of colours, finishes, textures.
  • Max thickness 2-3 mm.

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