AMBIENTE and DIAMANTE contain SILVER IONS, to provide antibactierial protection to the surfaces.

Ionic silver was already used as an antimicrobial treatment by thea Ancient Romans, well before the advent of modern antibiotics. Today silver ions are making a comeback as additives with sanitizing properties.

Aware of the properties of ionic silver, we at Colorificio MP have developed two water-based paints, HACCP-certified which, thanks to their properties, guarantee a natural barrier against bacteria by acting in a simple and mechanical way: since a microorganism comes into contact with the surface protected by the layer of sanitizing paint, the silver ions start to act and stop the bacterial activity , by penetrating the cell membrane of the microbe, attacking its DNA and preventing its reproduction.

From this study on properties of material, we improved  AMBIENTE (universal water-based enamel) and DIAMANTE (premium wall paint) both  HACCP-certified, available white and colourable by tinting machine, with MATT, SATIN and GLOSSY finish.

Thanks to the addition of silver ions, our products create a natural barrier, both on the walls of the house and on wood, iron or plastic surfaces, ensuring greater hygiene and healthiness to all treated surfaces.

The benefits of these paints are even more important in environments such as clinics, beauty centers, kindergartens, schools, restaurants, bakeries, public offices, swimming pools and spas, and all those environments where the presence of bacteria is particularly insidious or needs to be prevented.

Furthermore, the use of AMBIENTE or DIAMANTE with silver ions is in total harmony with nature and well-being, as they are both water-based paints, safe for the environment and the human-being.

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