LCA Analysis: our care for the Planet and the Human Being

In the last years, the importance of having certifications in order to satisfy the need  for quality, health safety and environmental respect, has become absolutely clear. People are increasingly paying attention to it, especially in the paint sector where we operate. Colorificio MP has always cared for the Planet and People’s Well-being ever since its establishment.

This is why, in partnership with the University of Bologna, we have conducted an LCA Analysis (Life Cycle Assessment) on our emulsion paints, that has given us a chance to prove how much we are aligned with our principles and to identify opportuinities  for further improvement. In particular, the study was conducted on our interior emulsion paint range.

LCA allows to quantify potential impacts on the environment connected to a product or a service during its life-cycle, according to UNI ISO 14040 – 44 standard. The method is standardized and provides for the use of indicators for cause-effect relationship analysis between the inventory of direct and indirect inputs and outputs of raw materials and energy associated with the system, in relation to their impact on human health and on the environment. Our main purpose was to become more aware of Colorificio MP positioning for what concerns sustainability and help us identify the most urgent processess to implement.

The analysis has confirmed the low VOC level of MP products, which also meet the European regulations and French regulations on indoor emissions, and most of all, their low environmental impact.

Thanks to this study and its excellent results, Colorificio MP was also awarded the Corporate Leadership in Sustainability” award by GBC Italy, of which MP is member since 2013, on September 22nd 2020 during the 11th edition of the World Green Building Week.



We are always working focusing on you, with the will to be ecofriendly and loyal to our principles, with an absolute moral and transparent company management with the goal to protect, first of all, everybody’s health