Colorificio MP is an Italian paint manufacturer with a 50-year old experience.
We personally manufacture all our product lines in our manufacturing facility in Rimini, Italy.

MP offers a wide range of products including emulsion paints for interior and exterior, high-quality paint and render, ETICS insulation systems, decorative finishes, renovation systems, rising damp and mould treatment products, etc.

Our goal has always been to offer a full range of products and innovative technologies, to meet all customers need.

We currently operate in many parts of the world, but customer-care, respect for the environment, the offer of natural products and a strictly made in Italy quality, from 1969 to today and forever.


Our history begins in 1969, from an idea of Giorgio Moretti and Maria Pasini, partners in business and in life, who named their new-born company after their family names: MP. Giorgio and Maria make use of their experience as owner of a painting company and as paint dealer to build a manufacturing company specialized in water-based paints. Their aim is to combine experience and tradition together with innovation and a new social and environmental sensitivity. The same path has been followed by their sons Fabrizio and Onide Moretti, respectively CEO and Production Manager of MP. A path of constant growth, but also made by hardships  and brave decisions.

In 1999 MP adopts a new production plant, fully automated, whic is still one of the most advanced today.

In 2009, when celebrating 40 years of activity, MP opens its new operational headquarter adjacent to the manufacturing facility.

Today MP is a modern company, with a range of over 150 products, with experienced and professional partners in Italy and all around the world. Among our references is Palazzo Versace in Dubai, Venetian Casino in Macau, Abu-Dhabi airport, etc.

In 2015 we introduced the CREATIVO Division, a new line for seamless floors and walls, which has encountered great success.

And we are not stopping here…become a part of this little big family to see where we are heading!


For MP Social Responsability is the will to make the world a better place. Build a pleasant and cooperative work environment, where everyone is doing his best in his job thanks to the support of others, thus promoting integrity and meritocracy, respect for the environment, health and safety in a context of enterpreneurship and economic development.


  • Constant cooperation with School and University to promote synergies, personal and professional growth.
  • Value the young people, their ideas, their creativity and innovation, and their importance of giving them the best means and training to grow.
  • Team means Family: employees are involved in the company’s decision making, and we give great valute to discussion to highlight problems and possible improvements.
  • Development of systems for the protection and preservation of historic sites.
  • Development of energy saving and air-purifying products.
  • Research & Development of green products.
  • Production of green energy by solar panels and purchase of renewable energy where self-production is not sufficient.


We believe in the importance of keeping constantly updated our sales network and our partners on products, systems, application cycles and regulations. Our purpose is to transfer all our knowledge and skills, in order to get the best results on every project.  We believe in sharing know-how and providing industry professionals, project managers, architects, designers, professional retailers and applicators, the tools and knowledge needed to best meet the demand of the final costumer. For this reason MP frequently organizes seminars and workshops in its headquarters and around the world.

Not only training…

We strongly value the relationship with our partners, and guarantee constant technical assistance before and after-sale and on-site. Thanks to our ability to innovate and customize, our experience of over 45 years, we are always at your side, quick to reply to your need, offering a product 100% Made in Italy.